iconic style professional hair dryer

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The new AMAXY iconic hair dryer designed for healthier hair & efficient styling in a compact. It delivers a powerful airflow to dry your hair quickly and effortlessly while promotes healthier hair and prevent hair loss.



5x Fast Hair Drying

Powerful airflows and negative ions that break down water molecules faster, reducing drying time.

Zero Heat Damage

Ionic technology minimizing heat damage, lock in hair moisture and leave a frizzy free & glossy finish.

Professional Features

3 different heat settings, 2 different air-speed settings,10 feet cord, comes with 2 nozzles for professional styling use.

more to know

Voltage: 110-125v

Watts: 1500 w - 1600w

Air Speed: 16.5 m/s

454g/1lb/16oz (w/o cord)

On/Off, Speed grades 1, 2 Temperature hot/warm/cold; Long press for auto-cycling