AMAXY Earth Protection Plan

At AMAXY, we are dedicated to redefining sustainability by addressing the very source of plastic production. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in every aspect of our BOND INTENSE RESTORATIVE HAIR MASK, from its packaging to production.

We have chosen bio-based polyethylene (BIO-PE) as the material for our soft tube, a sustainable choice derived from sugarcane ethanol. By starting with a renewable source, we circumvent carbon pollution right from the outset. Throughout manufacturing, our eco-friendly BIO-PE captures substantial carbon dioxide, and it can be fully recycled after disposal. This end-to-end approach significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, underscoring our unwavering dedication to sustainability.

Our shampoo bottle boasts PET material certified by SGS, featuring a user-friendly press-to-open lid, reducing the need for plastic pump heads.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to our express boxes, exclusively sourced from PETC&FSC forest certified paper, reinforcing our pledge to environmental stewardship.

We believe that protecting the environment begins with taking responsible actions in our immediate surroundings.