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Honeycomb Ceramic Real Infrared Hair Dryer (Limited Edition 3rd Generation) with Free Mini Flat Iron - Featherweight

Designer: Amaxy

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Amaxy Limited Edition 3rd Generation Real infrared Light Professional Hair Dryer with ceramic honeycomb technology is engineered with the most innovative technologies that is feather-weight less than 1 lb, a beautiful sleek design in white color and rose gold and ultimately it is made to prevent hair from heat damage without compromising professional results. It’s better than air-dry and 100% safe for damaged hair!

Amaxy Real far infrared light - The healing power of infrared light has multiple benefits to the hair and scalp. Why?

- It infuses gentle heat to your hair making it stronger and practically unbreakable.

- It provides therapeutic effects to hair and scalp. It stimulates blood circulation that helps nourishing scalp to prevent hair loss and grow healthier hair.

- The far infrared light heats hair evenly speeding up drying time and protecting cuticle from excessive exposure to heat.

- It help seal natural moisture to inside of cuticle, enhancing natural gloss and shine and prevent frizz Our patented honeycomb ceramic element takes your styling to the next level

- Its structure allows the airflow to be distributed evenly for greater energy efficiency -It’s ultra-ionic! Silver coated ceramic honeycomb design maxes out the amount of negative ion to be produced while the heated air passing through. It helps sealing cuticle and minimize the frizz

- It provides consistent air flow that dries hair more efficiently. No more hand fatigue!

What's the difference between the 1st generation and 2nd generation?

This Limited Edition 3rd generation infrared hair dryer is feather-light, a lot lighter than the 1st generation and 2nd generation to eliminate hand and wrist strain and reduces fatigue. Every inside and outside of this hair dryer is made of premium grade parts and long lasting paint for longevity and luxurious style. 

Includes Free Mini Flat Iron

Use the free mini flat iron that is included to add a final touch to your styling for the premium look! The mini flat iron can heat up to 450 F. It's made with pure titanium plate for less damage and more shine. Tight closure to get in detail work such as hair line and baby hair safely

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