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About Amaxy Novo Professional Platinum Hair Straightener 1"

A hair straightener is a grooming tool that is designed to remove curls or kinks from the hair. The hair straightener and hairbrush straighteners are its most common types. The...

A hair straightener is a grooming tool that is designed to remove curls or kinks from the hair. The hair straightener and hairbrush straighteners are its most common types. The hair straightener has evolved from a bulky, hot, steaming equipment to a multipurpose tool. 

Amaxy professional hair straighteners belong to the elite Amaxy brand which has, over the past 35 years experiences, helped its innumerable customers find their signature look with confidence and elegance.

Amaxy straighteners are designed such that they bring the saloon at your doorstep. Their easy maneuverability and styling grace results in hairstyles that are nothing short of a professional saloon’s handy work. And all this, at a low cost and with the utmost ease of use.

As a curly haired girl, who has always wanted sleek straight hair, I’ve tried my fair share of smoothing creams, flat irons, straightening treatments, and anti-frizz anything. Finding a good flat iron that doesn’t damage your hair, straightens your hair quickly, de-frizzes, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is hard to come by, which is why we were excited to test out the Amaxy Professional Straightener and Flat Iron.

I’ve owned a decent amount of popular brand straighteners in the past, including big names like Chi, Croc, Conair and Revlon. Croc has been my favorite brand of hair styling hot tools in the past, but I never liked how my Croc straightening iron would take all the volume out of my hair. Being a girl with fine curly hair, I’m frequently looking for ways to add more volume while decreasing frizz to my limited strands.

The Amaxy Novo Professional Straightener promises to fix a variety of hair problems – and promises to work for all hair types. Priced under $80, it almost seems too good to be true. We set out to find out whether the Amaxy straightener could deliver more bang for the buck.


The Amaxy Novo Professional flat iron 1" has a unique rounded edge design that doesn’t take away your hair’s natural volume and allows for you to curve the ends in or out without having to use a curling iron if you don’t want a pin straight look. The $80 price point greatly adds to its appeal because you are getting a good quality product for a great price.

The Amaxy Novo flat iron heats up quickly (within 30 seconds), has a wide range of temperature settings ranging from 250 degrees to 450 degrees, has a lock feature that comes in handy when packing it in a bag.

Some unexpected features I found that added to the experience was the extra long 360 degree swivel cord that allowed for a wide range of motion and movement. If I needed to stand awkwardly to reach a certain angle to straighten one of my baby hairs, the cord allowed for it without hassle.


When I first took the flat iron out of the box I noticed how lightweight it was, which I liked. No one likes a tired arm after just five minutes of straightening. After plugging the flat iron into the wall, I set the temperature to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. The straighter was fully heated up by the time I separated my hair into sections about 30 seconds to a minute later.

The specifications claim the iron heats up within 30 seconds, and although I didn’t time it exactly, it heats up pretty fast. I chose 320 degrees because normally you are supposed to choose the heat temperature on the amount of density you have to your hair. I have fine hair, so usually it doesn’t take the hottest setting for me to achieve straight hair.

Once I started straightening my first couple pieces of hair, I noticed I was having to go over each strand between 3-4 times before it was as smooth as I like it. I wanted to speed up the process so I increased to the temperature to 410 degrees. After increasing the temperature, I didn’t have to keep going over each section of hair I was straightening more than twice.

Due to how curly my hair is, I usually go over each section of hair two times to make sure I get rid of all the frizz. When I got to straightening the middle layer of my hair I started to curve my ends inward. I really like how this flat iron has rounded edges on its iron. Usually I curl the ends of my hair after straightening to achieve a more bouncy look, but with this flat iron I could straighten and curl the ends all in one.


It look a total of 14 minutes to straighten my hair from start to finish. On average with other flat irons it take me about 26 minutes to straighten my hair, so this was a lot faster than other products I’ve used. After I was done straightening, I did try to curl a few pieces of hair towards my face and wasn’t able to get a full curl, but was able to get a pretty beach wave. 

Another thing that the Amaxy flat iron did to my hair was it can completely get rid of  my frizzy fly-always that I get near the front of my face. The Amaxy Novo flat iron is a one-inch-wide iron, which is standard size.

A ton of reviewers have said that the curved tip helps with achieving more natural looking curls, while other agree that the Amaxy is great for a couple of curls, but you’ll need an actual curling iron if you want a full head of bouncy hair. Still, reviewers like how intuitive this hair straightener is, and they like that it’s gentle on your hair. “There’s no more smokey smell like I used to get from my cheaper hair devices,” one customer writes.

In the end, my hair looked smooth, volumized, and free of my natural frizzy ringlets. I felt like it did a good job smoothing out my hair, much to my surprise. In the past, more affordable flat irons have never worked well on my curly hair, but I was happy with the results the Amaxy flat iron provided and would definitely recommend it for its price and quality.

* The Amaxy Novo flat iron is an affordable professional salon quality straightener

* It helps you easily achieve volumized silky hair and get rid of frizzy hair

* 100% titanium and tested by professionals to see if it lives up to our standards

May 14, 2019 12:50 PM By Heather
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